About Colourrr

Colourrr is a really simple colour conversion tool which converts your input to several of the most popular colour formats on the web and displays lighter/darker variations of your input, to help you find the perfect colour.

The primary purpose of Colourrr is to be flexible with what it is able to convert, as many colour conversion tools accept very limited input. For example, some tools insist on RGB values being entered into separate boxes, or may count a hashtag as one of the six characters in a hex colour code - annoying and time wasting. With Colourrr, missing characters, commas, brackets, semi colons, and other format differences are no problem.

How about a few examples?

#123456 rgb(12, 34, 56) hsl(12, 34%, 56%) blue
123456 12, 34, 56 12, 34%, 56% gReEn
123 123123123 h: 12, s: 34, l: 56 RED
#456 r: 12, g: 34, b: 56 270 50 70 Yellow

Drop me an email if you have any questions, issues, or would like to see any features added.